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My Two Cents And A Few Nickels Too!

Or "More Sonic Fans Speak Their Mind."
by Super Sayjin Chrono

I've always been a Sonic fan and just think Mario's walking along and he gets captured!!! Luigi try's to save him and fails miserably. Who's left to save them? SONIC! Who's there to "spin cut" the ropes that bind Mario and Luigi? SONIC! Who's there to appear in Sonic 4???? Here's a hint: it's not Bowser. Sonic you dolt!!! I'm looking forward to the day when Bowser & Dr. Robotnic actually fit in their underwear!!! But, until then I can look forward to the day when the amazing 4 (+ Knuckles) Come together to spin dash, punch, kick, stomp, fly, glide, and share the same company bathroom!

Saving both Mobius and The Mushroom Kingdom will become easy for the 4. And the end boss would be bad X2! (That's if the two fat villains ever fit in the same contraption.) And so I leave saying If you think that two heroes will feud till' all they can do is shake their fist at each other and their day will be complete. Then you are Terribly wrong. (They'll still have enough energy to leave brown, flaming, "Goodie Bags ")Er, I mean that the four will always be strangely some what remaining fried in the back of our brains.

And so (I'm just about done talking here) if you want the one system that paved the way for the SNES to go out like a candle and be alone then you disgust me.
AAAAND so talking in the way of the heroic 4, Mario, Sonic, Luigi, and Miles Tails, I bid you Farewell and hope for one day Bowser & Dr. Robotnic will fit in their underwear

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