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Webmasters don't care, and they shouldn't have to

Or "Ouch. That Hurt."
by Kool Kid Joe

Webmasters. We all know and love them. Some are content to own a section on the web. Others (like Jay) own things like .coms [By the way, SMBHQ was mentioned in NP once!]. But they all have one thing in common: Many E-Mails they have to answer.

Ah, E-Mail. The web would probably be a very different place if it didn't exist. In fact, you don't need the web for E-Mail. But, anyway, the amount of E-Mail received depends on how popular the site is. For instance, NC may get 30+ on a busy weekend day, and my unreleased site ( is predicted to get 3 or 4 in a week.

When that happens, there is a greater chance that a E-Mail may have a misspelling or grammar problem. That is why .com webmasters are sorta-picky. Take Mario Mailbag. It usually is full of rules disobeyed [LUIGI IS NOT IN SM64. STOP LOOKING.] . That is why their questions are not answered. I bet that 60% of the mail given is not shown because of misspuncuation and such.

I recently sent a humorous E-Mail to Jay about a association I started - The Anti-Ash-Association. I wrote in paragraphs, about 3, but I received only 1 line back. For 5/4 of a second I was disappointed, but then I envisioned Jay's Mailbox. It must be FULL of letters this long. He can't possibly reply to all of them with 3 or 4 paragraphs each!

Anyway, my point is, if Webmasters don't personally know you, I can't promise they will reply to you with interest. As for me? When I become one, I will try my best to care.

(Note from the Editor. Soon after reading this Rant, I appologized to the author for my behaviour. Simply put, I get very busy sometimes and as a result do not put as much effort and thought into my replies as I should. But please, don't take it personal. The only reason why I run SMBHQ and NC is because I care about the fans. It's not my job. I do it in my free time. Thank you and I am sorry once again.-jay)

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