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Two Things I Want to Say

Or "Why 2 is better then 1+1 and other non-mathematical related topics"
by Benbeth

    Okay, I'm getting sick of this. People are gettin' all dissapointed with the announcement about Sega joining up with Nintendo. Well you know what? I like it. Think of the game opportunities!! Mario and Sonic Adventure!! Ooooh just the sound of it makes me happy. Oh what's that you say? A big rumor? Nope. Super Monkey Ball was made by Sega. It's for the Gamecube. Now you say that Sega and Nintendo were the bitterest of enemies. If that was true, would they join forces?!? No way. They may have been competitors, but a lot of games that came out for the SNES came out for the Genisis too. That's gotta be worth something. If I had to put my vote toward it, I would say that Nintendo and Sony were enemies. With the exception of Megaman (He's allowed to be on different systems.) There are NO games for both systems. Oh and another thing. I aam sick of the Mario Rules Sonic Sucks people. It's vice-versa too. I own both a N64 and a Dreamcast. I am not afraid to admit it. I am happy with my systems, and look forward to Sonic Advance.
    Now another thing. Yoshi's Story. Considered "not a challenge" and "too kiddy". I love the game. I am not afraid to admit it. I am also not afraid to admit I'm 12. So stuff that in your mouth, YS haters. Oh sure, beating the game is no sweat, but did you find the Black and White Yoshi? Or all of the Levels? Oh so what if it you play as Yoshi? You did in Yoshi's Island, and I don't see people dissing that. The game is great. And it's a Side Scroller? Oh no mean old Side-Scroller on the revolutionary N64. So what? Mischeif Makers is a Side Scroller too and that's a fun game. Sooooo anything else you YS haters? Come on, take your beeesssssssst shot.

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