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Is Paper Mario the final adventure in the Mario series?

Or "From 2-D to 3-D to 2-D to nothing?"
by Roger North

    At the end of Paper Mario a lot of the characters say how Bowser will never bother them again and I wonder if Nintendo plans to kill off Mario forever. I hope they don't because I have been a huge Mario Fan for years. He started out as a character in the Donkey Kong series then He spun off to Mario Bros then Super Mario Bros. Then there came Super Mario Bros.2 Super Mario Land Super Mario Bros.3 Super Mario World Super Mario Land 2 Super Mario World 2 Super Mario RPG Super Mario 64 and finally Paper Mario the one game in the Mario adventure series that doesn't have the word super in the title. Will Mario have any more adventures or is this his last one? I hope there will be future Mario Adventures Whether he fights against Bowser or some other villain.

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