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Rejected Mario Items

Or "The lack of consitency in items"
by Yoshi1xx

    First of all Mario Bros. had a round glowing, flower that gave you a fire throwing power. But in Super Mario World they changed it to an orange tulip. In Super Mario Bros. 3, a raccoon leaf gave you a tail and raccoon ears that let you fly, but in Mario World it became a feather that made you have a cape. Not only that, but you could fly over the whole level! In Super Mario Bros. 3 you had to get a P-Wing to fly over the whole level. The P-wing was much rarer than the cape feather, yet they did almost the same thing. Oh yeah, what about all the other items in Super Mario Bros. 3 that were so cool. First there was the best swimming and leaping item ever made, known as the frog suit, the hammer brothers suit, and the tanooki suit. My favorite one, however, was the Kuribo's Shoe, found and used only in one level.

    Then comes the caps in Super Mario 64, leaving all items behind including the most common, the mushroom. I mean they could have had blocks that have mushrooms in them to restore some of the life meter, but coins did that instead. The wing cap is nothing compared to the tanooki suit. It just lets you fly around. It's needed for some levels but that's all it does. Even the raccoon and the cape power gave you a spin attack and the cap doesn't. The metal cap I like for the invincibility power but the fact that stars are just needed to open doors in this game not for invincibility powers is just disturbing. The invincibility cap is almost the same as the tanooki suit. The tanooki suit has statue power that makes enemies go past you like the invisibility cap. With the metal cap you can also run, unlike with the statue power. I still like the tanooki suit better because you can fly with it. At least the 1-up or green mushrooms still are extra lives.

    In Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64 mushrooms are just for speed! The golden mushroom gave you super speed but if your going to use mushrooms for speed, why no a green or 1-UP mushroom, why make up another mushroom. You also shoot shells as a weapon. I ask myself "Why not shoot fire balls?" The lightning bolt shrinks you in this game, but why not a poison mushroom. After all, it did make you shrink.

    Even though everyone likes all of these games, they still could have had some of the same items.

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