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Fan Fiction

Or the only thing missing from the Mario 'net experience
By Chris Waters

Note: This update to the site also includes a new Mario Fan Fiction by Brenen Blair. This rant's author (Chris Waters) had no idea such a story was being made at the time. I hope that Brenen's new story can help fill the fan fiction niche.

There are many people in the world who are major Super Mario fans. These dedicated people are the ones who know a great deal about Mario, Luigi, and their friends. They know when every Mario game came out and every character in the Mario Universe. They are the ones who find the personality traits of each character, their hair and eye color, even their blood type. If no one knows about it except them, they are willing to tell people about it. If these people themselves don't know it, they make it up. I bet that some of you that are reading this article are among these people. People who formulate opinions on Mario, draw pictures of him, and even make up game ideas about him.

While this is all well and good, I have noticed one area in the Mario Universe that needs improving on. That area is the fan written story, or fanfic, area.

With a great many of the shows that I like, from Star Trek to X-Files to Sailor Moon to even Sonic the Hedgehog, there are at least ten stories written by dedicated fans to show there support of that show. It doesn't matter if they are good or bad, as long as they support the show or series or whatever they are supporting. However, while looking on the net, I found only one Mario related story (A Wario Christmas, I don't remember the author)!

Why are there almost no Super Mario related stories? Maybe it's because people think that they wouldn't do Mario justice. Maybe they don't know that people write about TV shows and video games. Does it matter? The point is that Mario stories are few and scarce, if there are any others posted on the net besides "A Wario Christmas"(and hopefully soon, my first Mario story). I hope I am wrong, but I don't believe I am.

Mario fans, pick up your pens and paper and turn on your word processors! Give the Mario Universe stories that show your support for the Italian brothers. It doesn't matter whether you're a good, great, or lousy writter, just write. Show the Mario fans out there that you care about the bros. If Sonic and Sailor Moon fans can do it, so can you!

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