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Random Thoughts

Or "What was I talking about again?"
by Jweebs86

    Ok here's a question I've got for Bowser. All right, so he's big and powerful. But why does he never use power ups like the starman of the mushroom? He obviously dosen't need the fire flower cause he can breath fire. Also, why does Mario die when he touches an enemy? I can see him dying from an attack of sorts but come on. And why is it that none of the enemies die when they touch Mario (Excluding the fish out of water and upside-down goombas in SMW). I mean, isn't he more powerfull than a goomba? Amd speaking of goombas, wouldn't it be easier for them to walk straight instead of sideways? And koopas... why is it that the red ones just stay on the platform. And why is it that none of them actually attack mario, yet it always mario who gets killed cause he touched them in the wrong way? Will a goomba really kill Mario if it lands on his head? I think not, rather mario would likely throw it across the level. And speaking of levels, what's with those little houses at the end of the levels of SMB (excluding the big castles) and how come I'we never get to go inside? (other then the obvious reason... because it wasnt programmed into the game).

    OK so I'm off topic. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, power ups. Bowser could be so much stronger if he used a mushroom. Think about it, you could never jump over him. And getting to the end of a fortress level with firepower is hard. And difficulty brings up a new topic. Why is it that Mario 64 didn't present a challenge. I had all 120 stars in a month and I still haven't beaten SMB after 5 years of owning it. Its stupid. And speaking of the differences between NES AND SNES, to tell you the truth, I like the music on the NES more cause it's got that original feel to it. Know what I mean? Its eaiser to hum too cause it dosent have such a crummy beat. I was happy when SSB contained the original music on the hidden level.

    Speaking of SSB... my freind Andrew and I came up with this funny game you can play. Its called I've got a bomb. You need four players, all humans. Set the item switch so all items are off but set the frequecy to high (this will make all the comntainers explosive bombs) Next declare one player as the lunatic. The lunatic has no sense of self preservation and will die if he has to. You must play on the hyrule castle level. Now only the lunatic can pick up the items. While the others fight normally the lunatic has to follow these rules:
He/she must say "I'VE GOT A BOMB" when he/she picks up a container.
He/she must yell "Wheee!" when knowcked in the air.
When another player gets into the tornado, the lunatic must yell "LOOKS LIKE FUN" and jump in also. Remember to Say "Whee!" when knocked in the air.
The only rule the others have to follow is : No one can attack the lunatic or pick up items. The lunatic may attack other players. (Others may attack lunatic if he annoys them too much)

HAVE FUN!!! Well that about ends my rant. Hope it got you thinking.


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