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Mario and Bowser

Or "A Rocky Relationship"
by Cloud3713

    Ever since Mario met Bowser, they have tried to kill each other countless times (although Mario wins and Bowser is somehow reincarnated, but that's another rant). Then in SMRPG Bowser joins with Mario. Didn't Mario think Bowser would kill him in his sleep or something???

    Then the stupid part comes. After SMRPG, Bowser decides to capture the princess once again, that backstabber. So Mario kills him again. What happened to their little treaty? And why did Bowser steal Peach if he was on her team too?

    Well, I think Bowser knew that Mario could beat anyone (like he always does), and he didn't want to go through the process of being reincarnated again, so he joined Mario for his little cause and it worked out. So then he was in the mood to be reincarnated and stole the princess. Why does Bowser always steal Peach? There must be something good in getting your butt kicked for the tenth time and being reincarnated. So maybe Bowser becomes stronger everytime he comes back to life and in hundreds of years and hundreds of kidnappings, he will finally beat Mario.

    And why did Bowser steal Peach in the first place? And why would he want to be killed again? In Mario 64 he is killed 3 times in the same game! There is something in it for him but I dont know what.

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