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A Rant on Rants

Or "Get a life"
by Dark One

    What's wrong with all you people? Can't you guys have any fun with Mario with finding out every detail about him? Find all his mistakes, post them up so other people can see how much you guys "love" Mario. Mario isn't a real life person, he doesn't need real answers. Look, if Mario was based on real life, you would have a crappy game about a plumber who cleans toilets for a living with his ass covering half of the screen. Mario is an imagination, a dream. Mario has turtles with wings, blocks that break the laws of gravity, a leaf which makes you become a racoon, but it's all just the same Mario. This rant section could have had a meaning, you could have posted up what was bad about what nintendo and pokemon are doing to the great Plumber, but instead you all just insult him directly. Instead of posting up what you think is wrong with making Mrio more mature, you post up what is wrong with Super Mario Brothers III.

    I have nothing against the neglected characters rants because those people are just saying what they think about the way games are made, but what really pisses me off are all these bastards who think " Oh Mario RPG is a shitty spinoff! Waluigi is just a marketing idea to make the game sell better!" So what if he is? Are you all so pesimistic that you can't give the long freak a chance? He is still a character, and instead of you guys thinking "Oh cool, Wario's Bro! Finally" I see "Oh great, this game must suck if they added a new character" SMW added Yoshi, and I think that games rocks.All you people who trash the games like MIM of MTM are exagerating. Sure they weren't the best games we ever seen, okay they might have been one of the worst, but come one. If you trash every Mario Game on this Page, what will happen to all the Mario newcomers who want to see what games they should get. So what if Mario cameos huh? Nintendo has their main man, and they want him to live long! Ranting about Mario? Get a life.

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