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Why Wario is Not a Mario Brother

Or "Because Wario Mario sounds stupid"
By Knight9910

    That's right, Wario is not a Mario brother! I get sick and tired of people saying things like Wario is Mario's brother and calling him Wario Mario! He is in no way, shape, or form Mario's brother! In fact he's not his cousin or anything else! Wario and Waluigi both are in no way related to Mario. In fact, Nintendo themselves dispelled this rumor not too long ago.

    Nintendo themselves told the whole world that Wario was Mario's childhood friend who got twisted by his jealousy of Mario and greed for money. In fact it said that in the manual for the very first game Wario was in! (Super Mario Land 2) It talked about Wario, the boss and said that he was Mario's childhood friend! And Waluigi is just Wario's brother who was born at the same time as Luigi.

    So why, after Nintendo makes it so clear that Wario is not Mario's brother do people STILL think he's a mario bro? That, my friends, is beyond me. Frankly, I don't know why people are so ignorant! I mean it's like if I told you my name and you still insisted I was someone else! I know most of you have probably done this as a joke but I mean you actually thought, beyond all doubt, that I was the other person.

    I know that it's just the other people's ignorance but still, it gets me so mad when people call Wario a Mario bro. Because he's not and despite the fact that I tell them, my friends tell them, and Nintendo told them THEY STILL BELIEVE WARIO IS A MARIO BRO!!!!!!!!

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