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Storyline or Showoff

Or "Why does mario HAPPEN to be a mascot"
By Ellie

    Everyone loves Mario. He's cool. He's also the Mascot of Nintendo. Why is he the mascot? Because they always have a Mario game to be to first game for each new system Nintendo makes. They use Mario as a 'showcase' for the new systems' graphics, gameplay, etc. Mario almost never has in-depth storylines, because Nintendo is more busy making the new system, and is not concetrating on fitting Luigi in. When Super Nintendo came out, they needed a Mario game to show off how much 'better' the Super Nintendo was over the old Nintendo. They made Super Mario World, not only did it have better graphics and more moves, but it also introduced Yoshi. The only reason it introduced Yoshi was so kids wouldn't think it was just like SMB3.

    Later, when the new system was getting settled in, then Nintendo would think out making a more complex Mario game. For instance, when Nintendo was losing power, before Nintendo decided to introduce Super Nintendo, they had to come up with one more old Nintendo game, to keep old Nintendo racking up sales. That was SMB3. They introduced Bowser's kids - a twist to make it more complicated (not much, they were all about the same [except Wendy, DAMN she was hard, with all those hoops that just wouldn't go away]).

    When Super Nintendo was getting settled in, then Nintendo decided to make a complex Mario game, SMRPG (and that was a freakin' awesome game). That's the reason Link isn't the main mascot, because if he were, his games would suck (or at least not be as good as they are now).

    Another fact to prove that Mario is just a 'showcase', look at SML. It wasn't even supervised by Myamanto (Sp?), it was just for showing off the gameboy, so names of creatures and stuff got confusing. It introduced both Tatanga and Daisy, but unfortunately neither of them went on to another game. this was just a 'draw' for kids to go buy Gameboy, and obviously it worked.

    And of course, when they made SM64, it was a big hit, and a showoff of new 3D graphics. Unfortunately, I prefer a good storyline to good graphics anyday. I hope perhaps Mario 'Dolphin' will have a good plot, or at least intoduce a new character (beside Waluigi, he's gonna suck), or at very least, GET THE KOOPA KIDS BACK! They gotta do that for at least one more Mario game, 'cause fighting bowser twenty times THE SAME WAY gets boring after a while.

    But that's not my rant. Anyway, so as you can see, if Mario had good plots, it would take longer for Nintendo to make new systems, Mario probably wouldn't have become the mascot of Nintendo, and the webpage would not exist. So everyone that thinks (and complains) Mario is not complicated enough, was that bit of logic complicated enough for ya?!

    Thank You, Danka, Good Bye, Adios, and Shut Up.

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