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Good Nintendo, Bad Nintendo

Or "Don't complain if it's for six year olds!"
By Ellie

    The Mushroom Kingdom is a magical place in a far off land where people relax and enjoy life... until Bowser steals the Princess again. These games that are made about the Mushroom Kingdom are great for six year olds, because they have little violence (Instead of seeing gory blood and eyeballs falling out of sockets, all you see is a Goomba disappear or fall of the screen), not too indepth storylines, and great replay. They were made for kids. Kids don't bother with Bowser's motives on why he kidnmaps the princess every other day, they just know that they are supposed to rescue her.

     If the plot became more complicated (E.g. SMRPG), they would lose their target audience. (But the point of SMRPG was to be complicated, for those other older players with more complex tastes.)

     Also, they CAN'T tell why Bowser wants to kidnap the Princess, because the games would no longer be for six year olds. We all know his motive (After all, where did the Koopa Kids come from? ;) Six year olds are supposed to believe the stork still carries babies! (that's why Mario and Luigi were brought by a stork (in YI -Ed.), it's a kiddie game!) Kids aren't supposed to know that Bowser rapes the princess (This is totally opinion -Ed.)! It's not right!

     We are supposed to assume that the reason he saves Peach every thirty seconds is for a kiss on the nose, not a messy bed!

     Kids play these games! Adults play them too, of course, and they like the games too, and like the decency in it (My dad still can't stop playing SMB3). But the target of nintendo is Kids.

     We don't need to know how the Koopa Kids were made, we just know that they add variety in bosses to the games. We don't need to know these things. All we need to know is that these are fun games.

     That is why they don't tell us these things in the instructions. I don't think the creators of Mario wanted us to solve these mysteries, we just had to go along with them.

     So basically, there is no problem with Nintendo. Things are fine they way they are. The people with sick minds (or just plain grown-up minds) can figure it out if they want to, as long as Nintendo doesn't show it in a game.

     Well that's my rant. If you have a comment, just stomp on me or something (but don't make it too messy).

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