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Mario's Dolphin "Sequel"

Or "SM64...2??????"
By Cameron

Hi, my name is Cameron. I have read most of the rants and felt that I needed to make one. You are probably here to read it so off with the the small talk and on to the rant.

     This rant is about SM642. It is a so-called sequel to SM64. But actually it is not really a sequel. A sequel is really another part of the story. But in SM64, the princess already got rescued so the story is already complete. If they make a sequel to SM64, the story needs to be something new and different! Anyway, even if the story is pretty much lousy, the fun comes from the game itself and sometimes a so-so story is okay. I'm really interested in playing this game but there is one thing that is standing in my way: DOLPHIN.

     As Miyatoto once said, "SM642 might be on a completely different system." So SM64 fans will have to buy a completely new system just to play it. This stinks! And the other bad part is, is that the name of the game will have to be changed. The 64 part of the name will have to be removed because it won't be Nintendo 64 anymore. It would probably have to be named SuperMario Dolphin, which is an okay name, but it won't look like a sequel but a whole new game.

     I'm looking forward to a fun game even if it changes to DOLPHIN!

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