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The deal with Wario

Or "Before they were stars: Wario"
By Mario*

Many of us have questioned how Wario is related to Mario. Well, here's what I think:


     Now before you start sending in rebuttals and flooding Kyle's email bag here's the evidence:

     Wario was never heard from in Yoshi's Island. If they're related then they would have to be together during that exsperiance. Where else would Wario be?

     Rather, Wario has to have never been related to Mario. I think that Wario has to have been raised by someone evil...someone who hated Mario. That's why that choose to make him named Wario. They wanted to raise him to be Mario's rival and since he had a twin it was perfect, they choose to make him Waluigi and so they had rival brothers. But then who was he raised by?

     Thet's unclear. My best guess was it had soemthing to do with Bowser. Perhaps one of his servents. Kameck knew that he had to do something to stop Mario and Luigi from growing up alive or they'd ruin the Koopa's way of life so perhaps he was behind how Wario was raised. He realised that the Koopa's couldn't do it but he wouldn't dare tell Bowser that so he set out to an orpahange and adopted the meanest looking set of twins and raised them to be evil. But Wario would never know this. Kameck probably did something to his memory.

     ...and so you see, Wario can't be related to Mario.

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