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The REAL Neglected Character

Or "Hint: His Name is in the sites title"
By The West Virginian

    People keep talking about who is the most "neglected" character in the Mario universe. It's "Luigi is neglected" this and "Peach shouldn't just be a damsel in distress!" that. This comes with massive amounts of contempt for the "negligent" Mario. I'll tell you who the most neglected character in the Mario universe is: MARIO HIMSELF.

    Think about it. You saw the beginning of Super Mario RPG. After Peach was kidnapped for the zillionth time, Mario looked out of his one-room house and saw she was gone. Without a second thought, he leapt off to the rescue. Where was Luigi during all this? Probably beefing up his fan base by pretending to be "neglected." This is par for all of Mario's adventures: he selflessly braves the entire Koopa Troop alone to save the princess, but do any of you say "Way to go, Mario!" or "Thanks a lot, Mario!"? NO! You say, "You're neglecting Luigi, Mario!" and "You're selfish, Mario!"

    Nobody asked Mario to save the Princess. He does it out of the goodness of his heart and asks for nothing in return, while Luigi sits around like a lump absorbing his ill-gotten fame. So the next time you start whining about how so-and-so shouldn't be in Mario's shadow, or how whats-is-name deserves his own game, think about how Mario got to be so famous: by being the hardest-working plumber in showbusiness. How did Luigi get there? By doing SQUAT.

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