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A dearth of games

Or "The calm after the storm"

     1999 was a great year for Mario. Probably the best one since Super Mario 64 came out. Not only do we see great cameo appearances in Mario Party and Super Smash Bros., but a return to the classics with the brisk selling Super Mario Bros. DX. This year started off great for Mario as well, with token appearances in Game & Watch Gallery 3 and Mario Party 2.

    The question is... what do we have to look forward to now?

    The perceptive bunch of you that read the title realize that there is little to nothing coming in the Mario universe. Wario Land 3 is good, but it barely counts as a Mario game, and Dolphin has officially been delayed until 2001, making the next generation of Mario farther off. This is definitely not enough for the type of fan that visits this site. Where are our games?

    Don't worry fans, I'm always looking out for ya. In fact, I've come up with a number of ideas for ways Mario can be incorporated into Nintendo's future game line-up. Once I get enough support in the form of your e-mails, I'll send these ideas to Nintendo, and we will have our games!

Future Mario Game Suggestions

    Super Smash Bros. 2 I believe development for this game has already started, so it's good that it's coming. But we need to make sure Mario's presence is felt in a much bigger way this time around. Why stop at Yoshi and Donkey Kong? Don't the princess, Toad, Bowser, and many, many other major Nintendo characters deserve spots as playable characters. I'm sure we can all agree the answer is yes. Even minor characters like the koopa troopa could be added, and bullet bill could become an arena hazard. The possibilities are endless.

    Mario Party 3 I know we just had a Mario Party, but it's never too early to start on the sequel. Things to improve on include game pacing (it still plays really slowly) and improving the mini-game control (it's kinda loose for my tastes). New mini-games are always good too. MP2 will only last so long. We need a fresh one fast!

    Super Mario Bros. 3 Deluxe Given the amazing success of the first SMB deluxe, this is a logical next step. SMB3 is possibly the baest Mario game ever, and being able to take it anywhere in full color would be great. Extra's like a red coin mode and save feature would do wonders for the raplay value. As an added bonus, add a version of the original Mario Bros. that you can play with a friend using the link cable. Every Nintendo fan who ever owned an NES will want this one.

    Super Mario 64 II No one is quite clear whether this game is being made or not, but I think it definitely should. Now that we aren't getting Dolphin till late 2001, a second major, 3D Mario game on N64 is a necessity. This could easily be the N64's swan song... the final great game that everyone remembers the system by (a la Yoshi's Island). Mario was there for the systems beginning, he deserves to be there at the end.

    Perfect Mario Everyone is crazy about Rare's upcoming Goldenye killer featuring Joanna Dark fighting the Datadyne corporation. Why not make a Mario mode into the game. Peach, Mario, Luigi and Toad can replace the four main characters, while the koopa troop and shy guys can serve as baddies! Everyone will love it because everyone loves token Mario appearances!

    OK, so that last one may be a little far fetched, but the rest of the ideas are sound. If even one of these games comes about by the holiday season, 2000, I will feel validated as a Mario fan and a loyal Nintendo gamer.

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