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Mario hackerz

Or why I don't take some Mario games seriously

According to the game list on this page, Mario has appeared in 60+ games. IF, however, one were to count all the hacked, unofficial Mario appearances there have been, there would be WAY too many (Rough estimate: 100 more!). These leeches try to get a buck off of Mario by offering "enhanced" versions of existing Mario games, copying existing ones and selling them (robbing Nintendo of $$$) or putting Mario into their homebrewn weird famicom roms (Mario fighter, anyone?)

It's a bigger problem than you think. Over here, in the US, a big market for hacked games never really existed, due pretty much to strict government involvement. I wasn't even aware that it was a problem until I started this page. After that, I found out just how weird Mario games can get. Countless e-mails from people who just hopped over from "The classic NES cracks page" or something, sound like this too many times for my liking: "Kyle, you forgot a Mario game on your "complete" game list (notice the mocking in the writing). There is a game out called super-puzzletastic 9000 for the Atari 2600, and it has Mario everywhere! All the pieces look like small versions of Mario characters. It includes Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, Smithy, Tatanga, and ALL the rest. (Notice how most of these came about AFTER the Atari was decades dead). Don't believe me? Go to and see for yourself."

I REALLY hat it when I get these mails. I always give the invariable response "I believe that this game may exist, but frankly I do not care. All of these games are unofficial hacks of blah blah blah you get the idea...".

I just get made when I see someone who thinks they're smarter thhan me because they found "SMB2 Turbo" at their local famicom store, or a cartridge that someone try's to pass off as "enhanced" by having 100 games or so to con Nintendo out of a buck. A few example included: Street Fighter NES- An badly made NES version of street fighter with about 24 characters (altough 16 are exact copies of others) and badly animated Mario and Luigi (captured from SMB3) in it. Crazy Kong- An arcade cabinet that is exactly like Donkey Kong except it isn't made by Nintendo. They didn't even edit the sprites. The list goes on and on.

There are a few exceptions to this hatred I have of hacked Mario games. At the Mario Emulation Headquarters (see the links page ) there are many legal, good Mario hacks that you can play for free. Mario lottery, which I went so far as to put on the game list, seems official enough that it actually could be a Nintendo made (the juries still out). And my own contribution to the hacking world, Mario Tea Party (See the april fools section ). Sorry if this seemed kinda free form. My thoughts aren't organized to well tonight, but the record has to be set straight about what's Mario and what's not

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