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Keep Smiling Mario

Or "Forever Young"
By Lioness470

    A few months back, I was reading the news page about the new Dolphin and the new Mario game that is to accompany it into the world. All fine and "peach"y, (except for the fact that I would have to shell out another $200+ for a new system of course.) But then, I read the next line or so, and learned-to my utter horror-that Mario and Luigi were going to be more "grown up". I mean, that little announcement just scared the hell out of me. Not that I'm anti-maturity or anything, but I have a very, very bad feeling about this idea.

     Why, you ask? Well, first of all, I agree with Brian, Toasty64, and Jamie Watson in all of their rants about how Mario shouldn't be more grown up, but there's another, far worse reason (in my opinion, of course) why this could be a potential disaster: Mario might lose his sense of humor. I mean, the Mario games may have been "cutesy" but at least they were fun and lighthearted. Now Mario games are probably going to get all serious and humorless. Heck, it might even go as far as to be really dark and grim. Well, I hate dark! I hate grim! Mario was meant to be nothing more than lighthearted fun. And I like things that are humorous and fun. I want to play a Mario game that leaves me smiling and laughing, not wanting to cry or thinking real hard. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that Mario and Luigi should be cutesy forever. I'm saying that the games should be more mature, yet keep their sense of humor. that even possible?

     Apparently not. I can name a thousand different TV shows, video game series and the like that were made more mature, and every time that happened, all the humor was sucked out. And they all did better than their earlier, less "mature" incarnations. And that worries me. Why would anyone prefer dark and depressing to light and cheerful? I just don't understand it.

     One other problem I have with this maturity thing: what if they take it too far and make Mario an adults-only game? They probably won't. After all, it would be bad for business. While the game would still appeal to older audiences, it wouldn't net any newer (younger) players, so not only would the fan base be smaller, it also neglects the newer generation, thus it doesn't get as many new fans, and its popularity fades faster. Ok, I'm done now.

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