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The Ultimate Game

Or "Mario & Pokemon living in Peace"
By Tony Trucco

    In the beginning there was Mario. Mario ruled over the lands of Nintendo...he ate lightning and crapped thunder!! Mario was a god. Then came Pikachu (very cute), and all the other 149 pokemon...they strutted in with their thunder attacks and their waterguns. It was a vicious battle which Mario knew he could not why not compromise? This is my idea for the ultimate Nintendo game.

    Of course Mario is the main character and he is doing fine in his little Mushroom Kingdom...when all of a sudden...he is transported into the land of Pokemon by Professor Oak. Oak tells him that Ash Ketchum has been kidnapped by the angry Gary(for losing to Ash in the battle for pokemon leage championship)and Mario is needed to rescue him. The plot plays like any other Mario game, baddies you have to stomp, keys to get to secret levels, and most of all...bosses. All of the original Gym Trainers would be the eight mini bosses while Gary would be the "Bowser" of the game. A little Pokemon twist would be for each secret level Mario gets to..he has the chance to capture a wild pokemon..not with the dumb pokeballs...but with brute the pokemon would not go away when they faint..but instead be able to be caught still...That way when you face Gary(who of course will use Pokemon, you will be able to fight him with pokemon too, which will satisfy any Pokemon fan. Now since this sounds pretty Pokemon affiliated..all the levels would be played on familiar Mario boards but with some new ones and twists....even some old ones from SM RPG, and SMW! Next..this is the best part...are you ready? will give you the option of Luigi OR Mario!! That way all you angry Luigi fans can play the whole game with the "Lovable Loser"....Still too Pokemonish?......How about I include all the Mario superpowers like Fire-BallMario, FrogMario, FeatherMario, CapeMario, MetalMario, RacoonMario!!! All to battle the enemies of the land and all for as long as you arent hit!! Sound too easy?..maybe a time limit would help? the fact that you have to catch all the 8 pokemon in order to face Gary? And the ending sequence? How about you free Ash from the cage..he tells you that you are the BEST, then he gives you a master key..which allows you to travel through any door in the it allows you to open the two mystical leads to a Mario funground with trees to climb...obstacles to overcome...Bosses to beat and all with infinate lives and endless strength! And the other door? That leads to a Pokemon paradise..where you can travel to anywhere in the pokemon world..You can catch endless pokemon..fight endless trainers..and even go one on one with someone else in the room in a N64 pokebattle!! Even choose the pokemon you use!!

    Doesn't that sound like the perfect game? If you disagree with that rebuttal to me...I dare you! But we(mario fans) must learn to accept Pokemon..We must share the throne with them...0therwise Mario may end up just eating pasta, and crapping....crap....on the pot...and we dont want to see that! So lets work with them and not fight with them..... Please..if you have any comments..e-mail me at

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