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The times are a 'changin

Or "How an old Simon & Garfunkel lyric applies to Mario"
By Skirbyy

Is it just me, or is the 4th generation of systems apon us too soon? In this article, I shall go back and tell you about the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation of systems, but only focus around Mario.

1st Generation 1984-1990

Beginnings SMB got released and Mario soon became a household name. Many people bought this game when they got the NES, and it sold millions. Mario could only take 1 hit if he was small, or 2 hits if he was "Super" mario or firey mario. Mario only had 3 different powerups: Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, and the Star. Mario fans were popping up everywhere. Soon after SMB was released at home, it was released at the vs. SMB, where it was harder, and more challenging. Dark Times Soon after SMB, SMB2, the "fake" mario game was released, and people got pissed at Nintendo. It was a dark time for Mario fans indeed. Dr. Mario got released during this dark time, and made some money, but that was the shock before the storm... Mario Mania! Now we all know this part of the story, SMB3 got released at the Mario craze caught on like a certain craze today that stars a little electric mouse...Nintendo made millions of dollars, and the fans just ate mario up. Mario fans everywhere rejoiced! 2nd Generation 1990-1995

Soon after SMB3, Super Mario World was released, and that too, sold millions. Mario fans rejoiced at this period of Mario history, but their prasies soon turned to cries.
Dark times v. 16-bit
Yoshi got to be quite famous, but the Mario games from 1991-1995 were all oddball games. Some good ones, like Super Mario Kart, were released, while others, like Yoshi's Safari, never got to be famous. This was a dark time indeed.
3rd Generation 1995-2001

Virtual Boy!...a failure.
The Virtual Boy got released in 1995, and Mario Tennis, Mario Clash, and Wario Land got released on the VB, and all of them never got to be million sellers. If you can find an VB emulator or a VB itself, play these games! They are actually fun!
Mario enters the land of 64-bit
Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 got released, and quickly sold over a million. But Mario wasn't there, nope, it was some guy with a red hat on, that had an "M" on it, with overalls. Mario had been totally changed, and some fans were not happy. Mario Kart 64 got released, and like SM64, sold millions.
Too cute
Yoshi's Story got released as well, and people were disguested with it, while others(like me) liked it. To this day, people have been arguing about this game.
More 64-bit madness
Mario golf 64 was released, and it too, was a sucess. What's next for the 64-bit plumber? Not much, because soon, the 4th generation systems shall be released.
4th Generation 2001-????

Not again...
Mario is going to get changed AGAIN, and this time, I'm not sure I like it, we all saw what happened to Jet Force Gemini...

If you like or dislike my article, you can e-mail me or just give kyle your thoughts.

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