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Just for Kids

Or "Who you calling immature?"
By Brian

    This is my first time for a rant, but something is really getting on my nerves, so I might as well start now.

    I'm getting mad because so many people seem to think that Mario 64 and other colorful, nonviolent games are just for kids, immature, etc. There are people who will not play Mario 64 just because of the ‘cutesy' graphics. So many people seem to think that video games have to be violent and gory to be ‘adult'. Like Mario isn't for adults because he doesn't gun down everyone in his path.

    Maybe I'm misguided, but I really thought video games were supposed to be about fun. You know, whether you enjoy a game or not. If Mario 64 (or any other game) has tolerable graphics (in this case good graphics) and good control (in this case GREAT control) and the levels are fun and somewhat challenging then it is FUN and it's stupid to think it can't be fun without the things that make a game ‘adult'.

    Now, I'm not saying that violent games are automatically bad: Goldeneye is great fun, and addictive too. This also holds true in many other more ‘mature' games. I'm just saying that, contrary to many people's opinions, a game doesn't NEED that. In some cases, you may not even want that. But playing a game like Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, or even Yoshi's Story does not make you immature at all. It just means that you can find fun in a game without blowing your victims out of the sky, and there's nothing childish about that.

    Mario does not get the brunt of the immaturity claims. I think that's because Mario has had so much time to prove himself with good graphics and gameplay, and great fun, that people aren't as paranoid about playing games featuring The Plumber. But Pokemon gets this really bad, worse than Mario, I must say. Everyone who knows nothing about the game and has never played it seems to think it's the kind of thing only an eight-year-old should like. That's absurd. Just like Mario, there is no real violence, but it is still fun to play and quite addictive. If you don't think it's fun, that's fine, but don't tell me I'm immature because I play Pokemon. I'm not. If a game can (as before) be fun, addictive, and have tolerable graphics, then it's a good game and there's no reason not to play it.

    But Pokemon, you say, is different. It is designed for little kids. Shouldn't that fact make you immature if you play it? You're playing a kid's game. Not at all, I say. If a game can be fun for an eight-year-old (or younger) is there some magical reason it can't be fun for anyone older? Of course not. It's just as addictive, and offers many hours of happy playing time either way. I own a Game Boy Color, which I bought for the sole purpose of getting Pokemon (I've gotten other games since, but that's the reason I got it) and I'm not ashamed to admit it. It's one of the best games I've ever played.

    I know several other kids my age and older (I'm 14, in case you were wondering) that like and play both Mario and Pokemon. We talk about it, play it, and enjoy it. We have fun with it, people. And if you think that makes us immature, then go ahead and cry about it. If you don't mind, I'm going to continue playing my little kid's games.

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