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Luigi is NOT neglected

Or "Who's this Mario guy anyway?"
By Metal Mario

    All right. After visiting countless web sites, and talking to countless people, about Nintendo, I've come to a conclusion. Everyone thinks Mario's brother, Luigi, is the most ignored character in the video game universe. Come on, people! Deep down, you know that's not true. Here, let me explain my meeting.

    Ever since Luigi's first appearance, the arcade hit, Mario Bros., Luigi has been in nearly every Mario game. The only Mario game he hasn't been in since then is Super Mario 64. And yes, he was in Super Mario RPG. If you beat the game, you see Luigi leading the grand victory parade with an orange baton in hand. I know it's a rather pitiful part, but it counts and you know it.

    It seems that ever since Super Mario 64 hit the shelves, Luigi has been everyone's preferred plumber. So he wasn't in Mario 64. Big deal. He was in every other game after that, including Mario Kart 64, Mario Party, Super Smash Brothers, and Mario Golf. And I'd also like to remind everyone who read the official Miyamoto interview that Luigi was scheduled to go in to Mario 64, but was taken out at the last second because they didn't have enough memory or something.

    Finally, there's this issue of how Luigi has never gotten his own game before. This is not true. Luigi got his very own starring role in Mario Is Missing, the educational geography game for NES and SNES. I know that it was a really easy educational game, but it still counts and you know it.

    I leave you all with these new ideas implanted in your heads. Luigi is most certainly not neglected because he wasn't put in Mario 64. I haven't heard anyone call Tatanga, (from Super Mario Land), a neglected character yet, and he's only appeared in one game. Luigi has had dozens. Let's just all remember that.

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