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Mario's rise and fall!

Or "The roller coaster ride of fame"
By Tony Trucco

    Dear Fans,
    I'm Back! Your favorite ranter has come back on to rant once more about the Mario we all love. Many of you feel that the new Pokemon has come in on an evil Eastern Wind (from Japan) and has dethrowned Mario. But the fact is, Mario has always been on the throne of Nintendo Mascot and always will be! From his first Mario game back in the 80's to his newest, "Mario Golf", he has sat high and mighty just waiting for someone to dare try to kick him off. Well, his wait was over when Nintendo released Pokemon in the U.S. The cute Pikachu with his lightning and Squirtle with his water gun stormed the Nintendo Mascot castle and tried to dethrown Mario. But this effort was useless. Mario has risen to the top and has remained there for so many years that Pokemon will have to do the same just to be equal to him. So do not fret my fine fans, for Mario shall be on top forever and will always be the figurehead of Nintendo.

    Still don't believe me!? Consider this. When Zelda came out it swept the nation and everyone was a fan, but it died down, sure it arose again when Zelda 64 came out, but really was it that good of a game anyway? Anyway, even Zelda 64 died out, but guess what? Mario games continued to be in the top 10 and will for much longer than Zelda will. The same thing is happening with Pokemon. We see a game gain popularity and all of a sudden it like, "Dear Lord (or Ala), Mario is ruined!!!" even I thought this, but like all other games (except Mario ones) it will die off (of course not completely) and we will all breathe a sigh of relief until the next Mario Challenger stands up from the crowd. So rest easy and play on!

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