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Mario is invicible!

Or "Die, Mario, die!"
By Gloria McKinney

    I CAN'T STAND HIM!!! Mario is too invincible! In all the games, he gets these super powers and it's almost impossible to beat him! I hate him so much... In Super Smash Brothers, me and my brother go on a team against Mario and just beat the crap out of him for fun... It's very satisfying! He is practically undefeatable in that game unless you're wicked good... It always seems like he gets an unlimited supply of whatever item he has... For example, when I get the Fire Flower (By the way, I'm always Pikachu ^_^) It burns out after about 5 seconds. But when Mario gets it, it lasts like a full minute! I just don't get that... I mean, I know that Mario is Nintendo's mascot and everything, but he doesn't have to be completely invincible! I used to like Mario, but, over the years, I just keep hating him more and more... Oh, and another thing, What the hell happened to Toad? He needs to have bigger roles in the games! I love Toad! He's my all time favorite Nintendo character (Not including Pokemon ^_^) and I'd like to see more of him! One more thing... In Diddy Kong Racing, the Mario Syndrome (as I like to call it) is the worst! Diddy is unbeatable! I hate Diddy! My friends say "Oh, that little monkey is so cute!" But he's just too annoying! Argh! Well, I think that's enough ranting for one night... Die, Mario, Die!!!!!

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