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Mario is NOT RPG

Or "...he isn't Kart or Party either"
By Prince Lemmy Koopa

    Mario RPG was by no doubt a good RPG, but it's just not Mario. The game had good gameplay, but the only reason most people I know got it was because it had Mario. If Mario RPG was the first Mario game it probably wouldn't have done too well. Mario shouldn't be teaming up with his worst enemy and Peach should be a damsel in distress, not a hero! The reason platform games don't become RPGs is because of a lack of characters. Mario is the kind of guy who jumps on guys heads on a regular basis. Mario walks from left to right killing enemies and rescuing princesses. Mario DOES NOT save the world from aliens. Mario is known for being a game where every position counts and if you jump from the wrong spot, a paratroopa knocks you down a notch, NOT challenge you to a battle. Mario also should be a spur-of-the-moment fighter and should not take turns when fighting an enemy.

    And Mario doesn't tote around weapons, except his suits. Mario has only twice before weilded a hammer. Once in his FIRST APPERANCE. They trashed the hammer for a reason! And once in SMB3 for a hammer bros. suit, it wasn't his weapon. Mario SHOULD NOT have a hammer, or ANY weapon other than his fireballs. And King Koopa would NEVER team up with Mario. Would YOU team up with someone who's tried to kill you twenty times for ANY reason? And in addition to all of that, Mario is KNOWN as a platform character, NOT an RPG guy. Would you expect Ash Ketchum to duke it out with Brock to earn the Boulder badge? No, they're RPG characters, not fighting game characters. And Mario doesn't RPG! Would you expect Link to race against Gannondorf for the final showdown? No, they aren't racers. And Mario doesn't RPG! Would DK and Diddy Kong to have a timed, slow battle against Captain K. Rool? No, they're umm... well, something else. AND MARIO DOESN'T RPG!!!!! Thank you for your time.

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