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Why Nintendo needs the Koopa Kids

Or "Why are there eight Bowsers?"
By Prince Lemmy Koopa

     Super Mario Brothers was a great game, I fully agree, but fighting Bowser 8 times was boring. I have the same problem with SM64. When super mario bros. three wass in the making, after the game designers realized that Bowser is needed, they also realized that, like in SMB2, different enemies were needed. So they created the Koopalings. The Koopalings were disigned after the seven lead disigners of SMB3 and possibly named after them. Super Mario Brothers three was arguably the greatest video game ever. Nintendo realized that the addition of seven different bosses was good, so in Super Mario World (Which should have been called Super Mario Brothers World) they kept the Koopalings in. Super Mario World is another great platform game. Now, a while after, they decided to make a game that took place 40 some odd years ago. (I think Bowser is supposed to be in his early 40s to have kids that age) I don't mind the Koopa kids not being in this, because it was before they were born. Yoshi's story was like that too, so I don't mind.

    But afterwards, they got rid of the Koopa Kids. In Super Mario 64, which isn't that great of a game, no offense to anyone that likes it, Bowser was fought three times. WHY? I don't want to fight Bowser three times. They NEVER had these idiotic problems in the Zelda series! It could have at least been First Kamek, then Wart, then Bowser or something. Even though he wass different each time, it was STILL the same character. Then In SMRPG (or was SMRPG before SM 64, I'm not good with timelines) the Koopa kids were gone.... AGAIN. THey should at LEAST have made cameos or been in the victory parade like Luigi. I know MANY people agree with me on this. But Mario Party really sent me off the top. I have no problems with most of the game, but Eternal star is just plain stupid. What's the deal with "Bowser's Cohorts" that would be the PERFECT place to add Prince Larry Koopa, Prince Bowser Morton Koopa Jr. (yes, Morton is his middle name, it's to not get confusing), Princess Wendy O. Koopa (I th ink the O is for Olivia or something) Princes Iggy and Lemmy (that's me) Koopa, Prince Roy Koopa, and Prince Ludwig Von Koopa. But the disigners are too STUPID to do that. Now, I'm hoping that the next Mario game will have the Koopa Kids, or the one after that, because Adventure is already being made, but Nintendo Needs the Koopa Kids. And If I see one more game where I fight Bowser more than once I'm going to blow something up. Prince Lemmy Koopa

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