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Mario & Luigi... too cutesy?!

Or "Has Mario sold out?"
By Jamien Watson

    I've read the latest news at SMBHQ regarding the Dolphin and Mario's next game. Shigeru Miyamoto thinks that the Mario Bros. are getting 'a little too cutesy. Well, that's his problem for making them that way!

    Mario is the most popular video game icon of all time, as well as the most important. Everyone talks about how those crap systems like Playstation, Dreamcast, etc. are better than the Nintendo system released at the time, but what no one realizes is that Sega and Sony's video game division would not exist today if not for Nintendo. They tried their hardest to top Nintendo's latest systems (and failed), claiming that they could do better; it's that 'cutesy' Mario that made it all possible. If Nintendo cared that much about the video game industry, they'd try to preserve the Mario responsible for modern gaming technology!

    Miyamoto says that Mario should grow up, and he'll appeal to older gamers in his Dolphin debut. Those older gamers are the same ones who grew up with Mario! I don't know about you people, but I don't want to play a so-called Mariogame starring some strange new guy in Mario's clothes! I wanna play a Mario game starring the Mario I grew up with! The Mario I jumped barrels and first became Super/Fiery with! In other words, I wanna play a Mario game starring Mario!

    Shigeru and/or Nintendo are apparently changing Mario in hopes of selling more games. Apparently, greed has changed them; all the Player's Choice games starring Mario, as well as the Game Boy Color remake of the game that started it all isn't enough. Although money is a good cause, it's not a good enough excuse. The 'new' Mario, as well as Shigeru himself, will have to go a long way before they can earn my respect again.

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