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The Kids' Choice Outrage

Or why Nick is Kids... not video games

Note from Kyle: I got sent this short rant from a reader complaining about the news story posted on this page on 4/13/98. I merely found it interesting, and I don't neccesarily support the views expressed by NESter. (hehehe, now I can't get sued.) Anyway, onto the rant

Weren't you outraged at Nickelodeons Kid's Choice Awards? I sure am. Nickelodeon acts so cool, saying "Nick is kids" all the time, but when it comes to nominating the BEST video game of the year, WHAT do they vote on? Super Mario. Jeez, Super Mario isn't even a game!! What happened to Super Mario BROS., or Super Mario LAND, or Super Mario WORLD(you get the picture.) No, they don't mention any particular game, just SUPER MARIO, as if it's just some object that stays the same, year after year. Wanna know what one of the judges guessed as the winner? PONG. Yes, the ancient paddle ball game. Jeez, Nickelodeon is just bunch of old idiots, who think they're all so cool...why aren't you outraged? You seem so calm, because it's a good thing that Mario got nominated, but I think that Nickelodeon disgraces the name of Mario..I just had to get that off my chest. Thank you for reading this...

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