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Leave Him Alone, You Morons

Or "Don't embrace change... fear it!"
By Skirbyy

    Think back to the 1980's, Mario was a tad cute, and everyone loved him. Then Sonic came on to TV's everywhere, in both the game, and on the air. People started to get intrested in sonic because he was "radical" and different. Mario's popularity was starting to drop a little bit. Then came the SNES, and Mario got back some more fans... Fast Forward to 1995, Mario was getting to be less and less popular, thanks to the Playstation. Crash, like Sonic, was "cool" and "hip". And although Super Mario 64 was a Million seller, Mario was still not as popular. Mario Kart 64 wasn't that cute, after all, the voices mainly came from SM64. Then came Yoshi's Story, the entire reason that Mario is going to get changed...

    Yoshi's Story was: "Too Easy" and "Too Cute". That last one is the entire reason Mario was getting "cuter". In Mario Party, they had little cute voices(don't get me wrong, I like game.) and Super Smash Bros. made all the Nintendo Characters cute(even Samus!) and then came Mario Golf, which is cute, as well.

    Great Nintendo, you made Mario "too cute", almost as cute as Kirby.(He's allowed to be cute.) And now, Mario is going to grow up, thanks to 3 things: Sonic, Crash, and Yoshi's Story. I'm hoping he will just be a little bit grown up from SM64, and stay short, but a tad not as fat. After all, we say what Rare did to Jet Force Gemini...lets hope Nintendo dosn't do that to Mario...

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