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Luigi the Lovable Loser

Or "Why does everyone love this green-clad plumber"?

    It's the strangest phenonomenon I've yet seen in the Mario universe. Hundreds upon hundreds of people have an irrational love for Luigi. "Mario is a big fat loser," they cry, "Give us the brother in green". OK, I may have made that quote up, but it sums up how many visitors to my site feel. And they are quite vocal about it too. These Luigi fanatics are the people who spam my mailbox, flood the message boards, and hide in my bushes to spread their Luigi-loving propoaganda. How did this happen?

    I believe it all started with SMB2 here in the states. With that game we finally got to see the real Luigi, the slimmer, taller brother with the fluttery jump, not the carbon copy of Mario seen in MB and SMB. Further compounding this effect was the presentation of Mario in the game. He wasn't fast or a good jumper, he was just average (a.k.a boring). With SMB3 and SMW, Luigi went back to his usual second player routine, but the damage could not be undone... the high-flying hero of SMB2 could not be forgotten (I could say the same about the Princess Toadstool, but that's another rant)

    In the 5 or so years between SMW and YI, Luigi had his fair share of time in the spotlight. Games like Mario is Missing, where Luigi finally wasthe star, and Super Mario All-stars, which marked his high jumping return in The Lost Levels, kept Luigi from leaving everyones minds. Then came the long drought of Luigi appearances that would make him everyones favorite plumber again. It started with Yoshi's Island, Luigi was relegated to a small cameo in the opening and ending sequence. In SMRPG, again Luigi was pushed aside into the instruction booklet and end sequence (not to mention the insulting star road message from him). The final straw was SM64, where there wasn't even the slightest mention of Luigi. This long line of major Mario appearances without the other plumber made many fans mad. They wanted the high-jumpnig histeria they remembered from the games of old. Nintendo at least listened partially, stuffing Luigi into small appearances like Mario Kart 64, Mario Party, Super Smash Bros. and the upcoming Mario Golf, but this has done little to quiet those who want Luigi in a real Mario game

    True Luigi fans are understandably mad when they think about the injustice the lesser-known brother has faced in recent years, but nowadays it seems everybody wants in on the act. It is almost becoming stylish in Mario circles to like Luigi the lovable loser. People who weren't even born when he first jumped in SMB2 are demanding that he be put into the next Mario game. More recruits are being wooed into Luigi loving every day by the mob psychology propaganda. There is no cure for this though... once someone is irrationally obsessed with Luigi, they are hooked for life. So, until the thinner Mario bro. is put into a major game, the internet will always be full of protests of Luigi's neglect.

    For all those who want to further the cause of Luigi, I suggest The Luigi Awareness Society.

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