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The next Mario game

Or "Speculations from a fan"
By Tony Trucco

Dear Fans (not of me, but mario),
    How many of you think that the newest Super Mario game will surpass what we know as the "Mario Saga" completely! I for one do. From rumors I hear Luigi WILL be in this one (again just rumors). I also think that maybe Nintendo will bring in a new bad guy for Mario to beat. I think this because I know most of you are getting tired of Bowser being the main boss. I know I am (If you have any information or want to tell the rest of us any rumors you heard please send them in).

    Also, how about a new storyline. That would be a change of pace from the simple rescue Peach Era. How about a Mario adventure game like in SM RPG. No other characters though, just Mario. The best way to say this is make it like a Zelda game (yes I do like Zelda). No weapons for Mario though, just his fists and feet. But he could collect items to use, more persay have to use on certian badguys. But again this is what I think Nintendo should do and not what they really are doing.

    Lets get back to Luigi. Undisputably the most popular Nintendo/Mario character (if you don't believe just go to a few poll sites, like this, and look at the results). His new cameo in this game (i hope he is in this game) will help to rocket sales into the #1 spot. Plus it will round off the game alot more by giving you a choice of who to be. Or it could become a two player game. Whichever, Luigi will have a huge impact on the sales results, and the quality of the whole game.

    In short, I think the new SM 2 game will be a huge success. Send me your rumors at

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