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The evolution of Mario

Or "One boys tale of growing up with Mario"
By Ruiner

    Hello kids, here is this weeks rants. I would like to talk a little about how much Mario has evolved in the past almost 20 years! (Yes, that is quite a long time.)     I can remember when I turned 7 I got a Nintendo for my birthday. I don't know a single person now that can't remember what games came with it. Yes, you already know, Super Mario Brothers and Duckhunt w/ the light gun. I can remember spending mindless hours seeing Mario jump on green turtles and running in dark caves. Yes, back then Mario was the king of video games.

    Some time later, Mario 2 was released. I personally actually didn't know it was released until I saw a Toys-R-Us commercial (keep in mind I was just a kid) and in it showed bits of Mario 2. I was like "WHEN DID THAT COME OUT!?" I then grabbed my mom and ran to my local Toys-R-Us to get Mario 2. To me, this game was definitely not the mario game I used to know. Getting to chose your own character and go through some bizarre levels. Mario 2 just wasn't one of my favorites and I will leave it at that.

    After that we got to witness the magic that was Mario 3. I personally loved this game (and still do). All I can really say it had great, long gameplay. And also had the cool whistles everyone used to fly to the end.

    When Mario for Super Nintendo was released. I stood there with my mouth open watching demos of Mario in upgraded graphics and everything. That game was also great with the long gameplay and fun story. (Even if the game was a little easy.)

    A few more Mario games followed on Super Nintendo but what happened a few years later I will never forget. I remember driving around with my mom when I noticed a sign outside the Toys-R-Us (Seems to be coming up a lot huh?) that said "Try N64 here!" I screamed for my mom to turn around and luckily she did. As I walked in I saw the most amazing site I have ever seen. Mario in all his 64bit glory. I found myself not breathing when I grabbed the controller and started playing. I was completely amazed by how much freedom Mario had and how completely cool he was. That is just when Mario had just changed history for me.

    Of course I know there are numerous spin-off games staring other Mario characters and even others staring Mario himself which I have played and enjoyed. But I find that writing about all of them would just eat up way too much time. But I thank all of you for taking your time to read all of this. Tell me what you think and write to me at and till next time. Keep playing!

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