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Mario's weird story

Or "How do they come up with this stuff?"
By Mike Cutter

    I don't know if I am the only one who's actually thought about this.. but you all know the story of Mario, save the Mushroom Kingdom and the princess from Bowser with the help of Yoshi, etc. etc. etc. but let me put it another way that makes the you wonder how Mr. Miyamoto came up with something SO weird.
    Mario is an Italian plumber that lives in Brooklyn that rides dinosaurs and saves mushrooms and their princess from giant mutant turtles in a world with coins in the middle of no where, flying platforms, strange floating '?' and '!' blocks. I didn't even mention mention that the plumber, the princess, the dinosaur, the turtle, one of the mushrooms, the plumber's brother, an evil version of the plumber, and a monkey ride on go-karts. in their spare time. The dinosaur saved a "Super happy tree" when he was a baby, and a baby version of Mario... I could go on and on... it really makes you wonder how in the world someone came up with this stuff.

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