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Mario vs. Zelda

Or The Nintendo Mascot Wars
By Tony Trucco

I think that Mario is a lot better than the Zelda character Link. I feel this way because first, you never see any pictures of Link in any Mario game. But in Zelda 64, you see at least four Mario pictures in the windows of the houses. Second. Mario has so many more games. If Nintendo thought that Link was any better than Mario, they would give him many more games, but they don't, and Mario has over a dozen (maybe). Next, the endings to all of Mario's games are WAY better than the endings to Link's games. Link never (or almost never) gets the girl, Mario usually does.

It shows how popular a character is, I think, when they get the girl, yhis is because the person, whomever it might be, would have to be popular for the woman to want them, am I right. Next, lets go back to the ending sequences. With Mario, he always lands on his feet and you feel that the ending was sufficient to justify you playing. But on two occasions, Link's game endded with you feeling unsatisfied. The first is Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. This was a great game, no doubt, but the ending was pretty dumb, Link ending up in the ocean, no ship, no friends?! He doesn't even know if he really fought all those people or not, he didn't even get to kiss Taren. I don't knowc about you, but I was angry, I felt like I played for nothing. The second is The Ocarina of Time. Link goes back to being a little boy, and he goes back to doing what he did before. He should of at least been aloud to live in a palace, or stayed in his aged form. Don't you agree. (I know I'm just setting myself up for a rebuttal here) Now Mario, when his games end, he gets his castle back, or gets back the princess, and they parade back to his or peach's castle and have fun. In Mario 64, they even have a nice sequence where there is a heart warming scene where peach kisses Mario on the nose. That satisfied me enough to want to play other Mario games. See, what I'm trying to say is that Mario has something to fight for, and that is the kiss from Peach, it isn't much, but at least it is something. Besides, Nintendo couldn't show anything else without being sued.

Last but not least, Mario's goal is always in sight, you know what your objective is, and the game doesn't deviate from it very much. You defeat Bowser, and get the princess back, or so on. With Zelda games, you are sometimes left stranded to find out what to do next. You're not always sure if you are doing the right thing or not, not to mention, sometimes you can screw up your game by taking a "wrong turn". I know this adds excitement to a game, but to have it with a game with a poor ending, is just plain pointless.

All these reasons contribute to why I think Mario is WAY better than Link. If you agree, or disagree, e-mail me at Then tell me why you agree or disagree.

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