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Mario and the Cold War

Or the Mushroom Kingdom's mushroom cloud

Note: Numbers in parentheses refer to footnotes at the bottom

In a Nintendoland article, Robert Todd suggests that Super Mario Bros. is all about drugs. Sorry Rob, but you are dead wrong. Super Mario Bros. is all about the nuclear arms race. I mean, here we have these super (1) mushrooms in the mushroom kingdom. Sounds nuclear to me. And then we have that whole fireball-throwing thing.

Then, of course, Mario is a fat man (2) and he and Luigi grew up in Brooklyn, near Manhattan (3). Oh yes, and once Mario becomes "super," he can duck down and take cover.

And then we have the enemies. There were duck and cover videos featuring a turtle, and then we have the bullet and missile bill. And notice how when Mario kills an enemy, it conveniently disappears, as if it were vaporized (by a fireball)?

Here are some other possibly nuclear-related things: The only problem with this analogy is that King Koopa isn't really a Communist (more like a monarch, particularly going by the cartoons). I wouldn't be suprised if Robert Oppenheimer (4) changed his name to Mario and became a plumber.

1. Super was the original nickname for the hydrogen bomb before the project to build it was started.
2. Fat man and little boy were the nicknames for the bombs dropped on Japan (you should know this).
3. The operation to build the A-bomb was called The Manhattan Project.
4.J. Robert Oppenheimer was the scientific director at Los Alamos during the Manhattan Project.

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