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On plots and Fan Fiction

A general rebuttal
By Firadus

No one can refute the fact that Mario games have no plot at all. But after all these are games that are/were targeted mainly towards children. And most kids prefer jumping and goombas' heads to reading about mario's views on the existence of god. In my opinion, Nintendo might have come up with an extremely well thought out, complicated plot. But does it really matter? The fun comes from the game itself. I think that's why we're all here. But I do agree that a plot which goes completely against that of the previous game would cause its creators to lose a load of respect. For example, Terminator 2 ended with the destruction of all possibilities for terminators to appear in the future. There cannot possibly be a T3. If there was, the plot would be cheap. For Mario games, this wouldn't really matter as long as the game itself is good (and different from the previous one). The reason for this is that the gameplay is more important for a game like this. Who needs a brilliant plot for a game where what you do most of the time is to jump on something's head? Or a racing game for that matter? You need a good plot for an RPG or games in the same vein. Basically, a good plot is necessary only for certain types of games. Mario does not really need a plot although it would be good to have one to connect all of his previous adventures. He might also need one because of his fanbase.

My second point is related to my first one. One possible reason for the lack in fan fiction is that Mario games can hardly be turned into novels let alone short stories. It is not as entertaining to read about someone jumping on Wiggler's head or swinging Bowser's tail as it is to do it yourself. I'm not saying that Mario games are not interesting - quite the opposite - only that I would prefer to actually play the game instead of reading about a well-timed jump an a goomba. Onlydie-hard Mario maniacs who can't get enough of the little guy need something like Fan Fiction to appease them. There's nothing wrong with that though!


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