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Mario: The true video game hero??

Or what it takes to be the best
By Dr. Mario

People may dissagree with me, but I think that it takes the following to make a classic, popular, and timeless video game hero. And who better to use as an example than Mario. Of course a character and series could become great even if they don't exactly fit this list, like Zelda. But all and all they must be the following;

1: First things first, a character has got to have been around awhile. Even if most of that time they didn't make money. Mario's been around since 1980, a character could be considered atleast mature when they reach they're fifth birthday.

2: Fame and fortune, that's what it's all about right? A character has to be enjoyed, recognised and bought by millions. How many 1ups has Mario gotten from gold coins today?

3: You need good games. If you make a good game it will make good money. Super Mario Bros. says it all. Mario has come out with some lousy games that have his name on it, but most of his major games, and minor ones are fantastic.

4: Ground breakers. Donkey Kong was a pioneer in arcade games, Super Mario Bros. was a pioneer in home entertainment. This could also mean the way you play the game, jumping ontop of enemies was copied alot after Mario.

5: One of the important but not crucial points is to have lots of games and games of different genre. This realy depends on what the company is going for. Nobody would want Zelda Kart, because Zelda is an epic game series. Mario is good because almost anything goes. The classic Super Mario Bros. games, Mario Kart, Dr. Mario, Super Mario RPG, he's a very diverse character and can promote anything.

6: This is one of the most important, to get into something besides games. Again this doesn't always apply, Zelda bubble bath may make money but it's just not a product you'd expect. Mario has had comics, cartoon shows, (still crossing my fingures for a 3D animated show), plush toys, books, action figures, anything else you can imagine, and a movie.

7: The character itself has to be interesting. I'd never expect an Italian plumber to be a very interesting guy for a game, but I guess I was mistaken. Some characters just copy each other's characters, like Lara Croft (did I spell her name right?) being your average super spy based on Emma Peel. Todate there's about 100 of those, Lara is just the first made for games only.

8: The places where the hero wanders around is also important. It doesn't say who they are but an interesting place shows a persons reaction to cool stuff. Mario goes around the Mushroom Kingdom, there isn't anything more original than that!

In conclusion if you see a game hero and wonder how it fare in video game history, use this to help you out.
Dr Mario

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