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The Mario Movie

Or "It wasn't that bad, was it"

To many it is the ultimate insult to the gaming delight that is Mario. To others, it's an official storyline to base the games on. To a few, it's a great, cinematic masterpiece. Everyone has an opinion about Super Mario Bros., the Movie. It's one of the great Mario debates out there. Lets look into it

First of all, the movie is anything but an official storyline. Anyone saying that is being a blithering idiot. I don't think any game collaborates with anything in the movie (well, maybe the bob-omb does). Although it is an interesting story involving Mario and friends (and enemies) it is by no means official (even if Miyamato did help with the script.)

Now, lets look at some of the movies flaws. First, I'd cite it's many inconsistencies with the games. Goombas do NOT wear trenchcoats and are NOT as tall as Mario for one thing. Bowser Koopa is NOT a rich, controlling politician (Don't gimme the devolotion stuff either. That's too weird). Mario and Luigi never had super shoes to jump (well, actually they could , so that isn't too big). There's a lot of stuff that just plain doesn't fit.

Now what about the story. Is it gripping and dramatic, or hokey and stupid? My vote goes to hokey. You can tell from about 10 minutes into the movie what's going to happen for the rest of it. Bowser's two idiot sidekicks are equally predictable in their "comic" relief (If it can be considered comical). The movie seems to make a grasp for the cheap laugh, and mostly doesn't succeed (Although I did like the bob-omb running gag). When it tries a heartwarming scene out (Like Yoshi in chains or the goodbye scene) it comes out seeming scripted and phony... not heart-wrenching. Overall the whole thing leaves you unsatisfied.

So, were there any good points to this box office bombshell? Well, it did have a lot of the characters from the game... and, um, it did get some terminology right (The Mushroom Kingdom, for instance), but that's all I can think of. Overall, the movie is a joke, and something that, in my opinion, a true Mario fan should forget about.
For information on the Mario movie, check out The internet Movie Database

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