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Yoshi's Story

The game no one loved

Well, the reviews are in, and they aren't good. Low scores in many magazines make Yoshi's Story less than a critical success. Ithas been derided again and again by the press and not once lauded for it's acheivements.
After all, doesn't it deserve some credit. It takes guts being a 2D game in a brave new 3D world, and it is a great 2D game. I defy you to find another 2D game coming now that can give you he pure joy Yoshi's Story does. Oddworld?!?!? Skullmonkeys?!?!? These are both pathetic attempts to go back to the 2D games of yore. But Yoshi's Story does it right. Excellent level design, innovative new enemies and moves, and an original storybook/fruit eating set Yoshi's Story appart. So what's wrong?!?
Well, it's very easy to insult Yoshi's Story. The most widely given reason for a low rating is that it's too easy. While beating 6 levels of the game straight through can easily be done on the first try, there is much more. Opening up all 24 levels, and then getting all 30 melons on those levels is comparable to gettting all 100's in Yoshi's Island. I don't think this is the problem.
Another reason people say they don't like it is that "It's too cutesy". This is a valid concern, but it doesn't make it a bad game. Some (stupid) people wouldn't play SM64 because it was "too cutesy" (Smiley faces on the wall), and they mised out on one of the greatest games ever. I guess all those "macho" gaming nerds out there won't like Yoshi's Story, but this still isn't the main problem.
The problem is Yoshi's Island. The comparison is inevitable between a sequel and its predescessor, and this comparison is just the reason Yoshi's Story will never get the credit it deserves. Any game, when compared with the 2D perfection of Yoshi's Island, will fall short. Magazines are extremely quick to point out that YI has more levels, more moves, and is much more challenging than Yoshi's Story. These are all valid points as to why Yoshi's Island is great, but they can't be used to take away from how great Yoshi's Story is.
Yoshi's Story did really confuse the Mario universe though. Obviously, Yoshi's Island has been trapped in a Story Book by baby Bowser. This is a good story, but the support isn't there. When and why did this happen? Who are these "newly hatched Yoshi's" that are saving everyone. How did Baby Bowser do this without Kamek's help (Yet his 4 red goonies are still there. HUH?!)! There's not even the unifying theme of Mario that Yoshi's Island had. And what about the Black Yoshi. This guy is hidden in an egg on Page 2. How did that happen?!? Also, 100 coins doesn't give you a 1-up, nor does a 1-up mushroom. A strange white shyguy takes that place. HUH?! It deserves some credit for bringing back ?-mark boxes (last seen WAY back in SMW), but they're just used for coins and mini-games. And what kind of a name is Poochy for a dog? Did Nintendo run out of ideas?And why can't you ride on him anymore (he just points out secrets) And where in the world did the Super Happy tree come in. This story is just messy. That's all for now. Tune in next week!

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