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The Axem Rangers vs. The Power Rangers

By Curtis Bonds


This story takes place in 1994, when the power Rangers were the #1 super heros of the time.
     Mario & Luigi were taking a walk around in their world until they saw a giant volcano.
     "Mama mia, what a big volcano!" said Mario.
     "You're right Mario," Said Luigi, looking in his landmark guide. "This volcano is called 'Volcanous wontous eruptous'."
     Meanwhile, inside the volcano, the Axem Rangers were summoned by their leader, the Czar Dragon. "Blarg sgick glaki glak" said the Czar Dragon.
     "Yeah Yeah, I know, I know" said Axem Red.
     "Where's the snacks?" said Axem Yellow. "Axem Red there'd be snacks!"
     "That was just a trick to get you to come you idiot!" said Axem Red. "Chew on your tounge."
     "snazit blik blak, znort kraci kryic" said the Czar Dragon. "snavt wzrd vavti!"
     "Intruders?!" Said Axem Red. "Lets go see, Axem Rangers, AWAY!" while flying away.
     "I hate it when he does that." said Axem Green walking up the stairs. The rest followed him.


"Let's get out of here," said Luigi. "This place gives me the creeps"
     "No. Let's stay here." Said Mario. "It's kind of nice here." "But I'm hungry. I wish i had a pizza."
     At that moment, a pizza fell ot of the sky & into Luigi's hands. "What the...?" Luigi said. "Hey Mario, look what ha--" but Mario wasn't there. Luigi saw the Axem Rangers taking Mario in their volcano. "MARIO!!!" Luigi yelled. Luigi statred to run after him. but the Axem Rangers already were in the volcano with Mario. Luigi was too scared to jump in the volcano, so he did the next best thing.
     At that moment, 6 colored flashes of light were whizzing through the air. One black, one pink, one blue, one yellow, one red, & one green. All of them landed right next to Luigi. The flashes of light turned into 5 people in colored uniforms. "Someone call for help?" said the red one.
     "Yes i did," said Luigi "My brother was taken inside this volcano by some people that look simaler to you."
     "Inside the volcano?" said the pink one. "Oh no! All my makeup's gonna melt!"
     "People come 1st," said the green one. "now let's go save this guys brother."
     "Right!" said the pink & blue ones.
     "Morphin!'" Said the Yellow & black ones.
     "Let's go!" Said the red & green ones.
     "Wait!" said Luigi "Who are you guys?"
     "We're the Power Rangers" said the Red Ranger as they all jumped into the volcano.
     "Those people seem very familiar somehow..." said Luigi.
     "That Luigi seems very familiar somehow" said the blue ranger. The others agreed.
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