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Mario Fan Purity Test

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Welcome to the only place on the 'net designed to see how big a Mario fan you are. This quiz is full of questions that only a true Mario fan would be able to answer 'yes' to, ranging from the tame to the truly outrageous. Have fun.

How to find out your score- Put a check for each question you can truthfully answer "yes" to. Then click the "Get your score" box at the bottom to find out how pure a Mario fan you are. Requires JavaScript.

Some questions are from Toasty64, erd15216, and Mikal Aganti

Section 1: Playing Habits
1.1: Do you play Mario for at least an hour per month?
1.2: ...per week?
1.3: ...per day?
1.4: ...per hour?
1.5: Do you play atrocious game such as Mario is Missing just because they have Mario in them?
1.6: ...How about Donkey Kong Math?
1.7: Was one of the reasons you first played Donkey Kong country because Donkey Kong starred in a game with Mario?
1.8: ...was it the only reason?
1.9: Have you played any games with Mario "cameos"?
1.10: ...Just because they had Mario?
1.11: Have you played EVERY game with a Mario "cameo"?
1.12: Have you beat Super Mario Bros. in under 30 minutes?
1.13: ...without warping?
1.14: Have you beaten SMB in under 10 minutes (warps allowed)?
1.15: under 6 minutes? (It is possible!)
1.16: Did you get every level in Yoshi's Story within 2 hours of buying it?
1.17: ...Without the help of a guide?
1.18: Did you buy a Virtual Boy just for the Mario games?
1.19: ...At the original $150+ price tag!?
1.20: ...Do you still have it so you can play those Mario games more?
1.21: Do you try to beat your own scores on Mario teaches typing?
1.22: Have you ever smuggled a game boy to work or school and played Mario when you should be doing something else?
1.23: you do it regularly?
1.24: ...How about a Virtual Boy?
1.25: Have you had withdrawl symptoms when seperated from Mario video games?
1.26: Have you ever played a Mario game for 2 hours straight?
1.27: ...4 hours?
1.28: ...without a bathroom break?
1.29: ...did you brag to your friends about it?
1.30: Have you ever been up an entire night playing a Mario game?
1.31: ...How about several nights in a row?
1.32: Do you have the reputation of being nigh-on unbeatable at multiplayer Mario games?
1.33: Do you own an original Mario Game and Watch device, and do you regularly play it?
1.34: Have you ever slept with a controller on your hand when you fell asleep playing Mario?
1.35: ...A game?
1.36: ...A system?
1.37: Have you tried to compose the Mario theme song in Mario Paint?
1.38: ...How about in Super Mario Bros. DX?
1.39: Do you get upset at the end of a game when Mario doesn't get a kiss from Peach?

Section 2: Mario Knowledge
2.1: Can you sing the theme song to the Super Mario Bros. Super Show from memory?
2.2: Do you know by heart the name of every World in Super Mario Bros. 3?
2.3: ...every world in Super Mario World?
2.4: ...every level in Super Mario 64?
2.5: ...every level in Yoshi's Island?
2.6: ...every star in Super Mario 64?
2.7: Do you know the release date of any already released major Mario game?
2.8: ...of every major Mario game?
2.9: Do you know what the minus world is?
2.10: you know how to get there?
2.11: Do you know the plot of the Nintendo Power Mario comics?
2.12: ...What about the SMB movie?
2.13: ...Do you know either plot so well that you could explain it to a non-game player and they'd understand it?
2.14: ...Have you actually tried the action described in 2.13?
2.15: ...Did they understand the plot?
2.16: Have you ever written to a magazine to correct an incorrect statement about Mario?
2.17: ...Did they print a correction notice in a future issue?
2.18: Do you know all three messages the Mushroom Kings (In SMB3) can say when you save them?
2.19: ...Are you surprised I'd even ask?
2.20: Do you talk with people at your local gaming store about Mario?
2.21: ...Do you tell them stuff they don't know?
2.22: ...Do you tell them about upcoming Mario games before they even hear about them?
2.23: Can you name every variety of goomba?
2.24: ...ghost?
2.25: ...Koopa Troopa?
2.26: ...are you so sure of any of these you don't even have to check?
2.27: Do you know enough about any specific Mario game to write a strategy guide?
2.28: ...Have you written one?
2.29: ...for fun?
2.29: ...did you market it?
2.30: Do you think the SMBHQ trivia section is way too easy?
2.31: ...Have you e-mailed this site about making it harder?
2.32: Have you noticed errors in the SMBHQ trivia section?
2.33: Can you, off the top of your head, state the titles of at least 20 episodes of the Mario TV shows?
2.34: ...How about 50?
2.35: Can you name any the major actors and their roles in the SMB movie?
2.36: ...How about all of them?
2.37: ...Can you do 2.34 for the voice actors of the Mario TV series?
2.38: Do you memorize the exact release dates of every upcoming Mario game?
2.39: Do you complain to Nintendo whenever a Mario game fails to meet it's scheduled release date? (i.e: every single time).
2.40: ...Do you complain so much that they actually listen to you and do something about it? (If it's Nintendo Europe you've got to deal with, and the answer's -still- yes, add 20 000 bonus points).
2.41: Are you able to hum at least 30 different Mario melodies by heart?
2.42: Do you know the katakana (Japanese characters) to spell out "Super Mario"?
2.43: ...How about in Egyptian hieroglyphs?
2.44: Do you know the full names of all of the Koopalings?
2.45: ...Can you name which worlds they reside in SMB3 and SMW?
2.46: Have you ever tried to create explanations for the inconsistencies in Mario stories? (i.e. Mario is the older brother, yet they're twins in Yoshi's Island? They're from Brooklyn, New York, yet they're delivered to a mushroom house? SMB2 was a dream so why are Shyguys real?)
2.47: ...Have you complained to Nintendo about these inconsistencies?
2.48: ...Have you ever re-written a Mario story to explain this? (Nintendo originally said. but in reality.)
2.49: Do you get into arguments with non-Mario-purists who like the SMB Movie because it wasn't true to the games?
2.50: ...Can you recite at least 10 things in the movie that's incorrect with respect to the games?
2.51: Do people know to ask you for help with Mario games?
2.52: ...Do you help them?
2.53: Do you ever get into deep philosophical debates about Mario?

Section 3: Computer Habits
3.1: Do you visit a Mario web site every day?
3.2: ...every hour?
3.3: Do you visit Nintendo's web site frequently?
3.4: ...just to look for info. on Mario games?
3.5: Have you ever downloaded a Mario graphic file?
3.6: ...A sound file?
3.7: ... A desktop theme?
3.8: Have you made your own SMB hack using emulators?
3.9: Do you own a ROM image of any Mario game?
3.10: ...Of EVERY Mario game?
3.11: Do you go to chat rooms on AOL or the web to talk about Mario?
3.12: ...Do you operate a Mario related chat-room?
3.13: ...Is it popular?
3.14: Is your e-mail address related to Mario (i.e. Yoshi04657 or
3.15: Do you send mails to people about Mario regularly?
3.16: people you don't know?
3.17: Have you ever looked at a business web site such as "Mario's Pizza Kitchen" thinking they may have Mario information?
3.18: Did you buy a 3D card so you could run Ultra HLE and Mario 64 on your computer?
3.19: ...Do you think it's annoying controllnig Mario with a keyboard?
3.20: Do you go to gaming news sites looking for Mario news (5 point bonus: you submit Mario news to gaming news sites)?
3.21: Do include Mario phrases such as "It's-a me" or "Letsa go" in your e-mails regularly?
3.22: there one in your sig file?
3.23: Is your computers startup sound Mario related?
3.24: ...your desktop wallpaper?
3.25: ...when people come over, do they comment on the start-up sound or wallpaper?
3.26: Do you wish you could play 2 player Mario Bros. over the internet?
3.27: ...Are you working on a version that lets you do this?
3.28: Have you ever tried to make a Mario level using the Mario improvement kit?
3.28: Have you at least heard of the Mario improvement kit?
3.29: Have you ever tried to program a Mario game?
3.30: ...was it good?
3.31: Do you regularly post to any Mario message boards?
3.32: ...Do you get mad when those boards go off topic?
3.33: ...So mad that you start yelling at others on the board?
3.34: Do you use ICQ, AOL, or some other messaging software to talk about Mario regularly?
3.35: ...with strangers?
3.36: much that the strangers block all messages from you?
3.37: Do you use any icons or cursors of Mario on your computer?
3.38: ...Have you created any yourself?
3.39: Do you use WinAMP skins of Mario?
3.40: ...Did you download WinAMP, only to get/create Mario skins for it (listening to Mario MP3's is OK too)?
3.41: ...What about TetriNET graphics and sound themes of Mario?
3.42: Do you create Mario desktop themes just because you reckon there aren't enough of them out there?
3.43: Do you make your own music CDs for Mario games without official (or complete) soundtracks?
3.44: Instead of downloading Mario graphic or sound files, do you rip them yourself from ROMS and CDs?
3.45: ...Have you created your own .gif animations?
3.46: ...How about Flash movies? (I haven't done this yet)
3.47: ...MIDI sequences?
3.48: Is your avatar Mario-related?
3.49: ...Did you custom make it using ROM snapshots and Photoshop? (or related imaging programs)

Section 4: Shopping Habits
4.1: Do you have a subscription to Nintendo Power?
4.2: Have you bought any Mario product from the Nintendo Power catalog?
4.3: ...did you try to win super power stamps from NP just to buy Mario products?
4.4: ...did you actually win any?
4.5: Do you own a Mario game for every Nintendo system (One point for each: NES, SNES, GB, VB, N64, GBA, GCN)?
4.6: ...for the PC?
4.7: ...for any other system?
4.8: Did you ever buy a box of Nintendo Cereal System?
4.8: ...Do you still have it?
4.9: ...Is the cereal still in it?
4.10: Have you ever reserved a Mario game so you'd get it right when it came out?
4.11: Have you imported a Mario game from another country so you'd get it before it came out?
4.12: ...Was the imported game in a language you didn't understand?
4.13: Do you own a piece of clothing with Mario on it?
4.14: ...enough clothing to make an entire Mario outfit?
4.15: ...has wearing this outfit gotten you strange looks from friends?
4.16: you care?
4.17: Have you bought a Mario halloween costume?
4.18: Do you own any of the McDonalds Mario toys?
4.19: ...all of them?
4.20: ...including the under-3 toy?
4.21: Do you have a collection of at least 5 Mario comics and books (strategy guides excluded)?
4.22: Have you ever bought a video of a Mario cartoon episode?
4.23: Have you ever played a Mario game at a store display even though you owned it?
4.24: Have you gotten impatient waiting for a Mario store display game to free up?
4.25: ...So annoyed that you started cursing?
4.26: Did you reserve an N64 at Toys "R" Us to get the Mario T-shirt?
4.27: ...what about the special Yoshi beanie baby?
4.28: ...did you start yelling because they were out of either item?
4.29: Do the people at your local video gaming store know you by name?
4.30: ...Do they have a nickname for you (i.e. The Crazy One)?
4.31: Have you ever paid what you know is way too much for a Mario products?
4.32: ...did you care?
4.33: Do you have a collection of Mario items larger than 15 non-game items?
4.34: ...more than 50?
4.35: Do you own a Mario watch?
4.36: Do you wish they'd make a set of lego's based around Mario, so you could make your own Mario scenes?
4.37: ...Do you make Mario scenes with legos even though these don't exist?
4.38: Have you ever gotten into a fight over a Mario product? ("Hey, you! That last can of Mario insecticide is mine! Hand it over, or else...!!")
4.39: Do you visit obscure and expensive import stores in the vague hope of finding some Mario product or other?
4.40: ...Do you complain to the staff of such stores when you can't find any?
4.41: Have you ever used mail-order companies to get hold of Mario stuff?
4.42: Do you check garage sales, second-hand sales or any such thing for Mario products?
4.43: Are you highly protective of your precious Mario gimmicks? ("Keep your paws off that mint, first edition, SMB #1 comic!")
4.44: Do you own a Mario doll?
4.45: ...Do you sleep with it?
4.46: ...Have you ever bought one for someone else despite them not liking Mario?
4.47: Have you imported Mario music CDs from Japan?
4.48: ...And paid outrageous eBay prices for out-of-print rarities?
4.49: Are 90%+ of your CDs game music?
4.50: Does it make you mad that many Mario (or other VG) soundtracks are incomplete?
4.51: ...Do you complain to the publishers about this?
4.52: Did you ever have the Mario coloring/activity book?
4.53: ...Do you still have it?
4.54: ...And all the sticker-cards?

Section 5: General Obsession
5.1: Do you have in-depth conversations about Mario with friends?
5.2: ...with friends who don't like Mario?
5.3: ...with friends who don't like video games?
5.4: ...with your boy/girlfriend?
5.5: ...with your parents?
5.6: ...with strangers?
5.7: Do you routinely yell out "I love you, Mario" or some other Mario obsessed phrase?
5.8: ...In public?
5.9: ...Has it gotten you in trouble?
5.10: Have you ever been reduced to begging for want of a Mario game or product?
5.11: Did you get mad every time Super Mario 64 was delayed?
5.12: Have you sold something worth at least $5 to help you pay for a Mario game or product?
5.13: ...Did the sold item have sentimental value to you?
5.14: Have you ever kissed the TV in a truely emotional Mario playing moment?
5.15: ...were others around?
5.16: ...did you do it just to get points on the test?
5.17: Have you submitted a question to this quiz?
5.18: ...Do you wish you had now so you can get more points?
5.19: Do you tell friends you're wearing Mario underwear?
5.20: ...Even if you aren't?
5.21: ...are they impressed?
5.22: Do you regularly draw Mario or other Mario characters?
5.23: ...Do they look good? (Be honest now).
5.24: ...What about fan-fiction?
5.25: Do you regularly recieve feedback (I mean positive feedback) about your Mario fanworks?
5.26: Do you/ did you run a Mario fanzine, or have you, on any occasion worked for one?
5.27: Was it selling well?
5.28: Have you written reviews of any Mario game?
5.29: Do you recieve requests to write/draw/create any kind of Mario works?
5.30: ...Do you honour these requests?
5.31: Do you reckon you could have done a better job of creating an animated Mario series than the staff of the Mario TV series have?
5.32: Have you tried to send fan mail to Miyamoto-sama?
5.33: ..Or to any other person who worked on a certain Mario game?
5.34: Have you auditioned for a part in the Mario movie?
5.35: Are people wary of the fact that Mario is a very touchy subject to you ("careful, if you say something bad about Mario around -that- freak, you'll regret it....").
5.36: Have you ever played the Mario theme song on a musical instrument?
5.37: ...Can you do it by memory?
5.38: ...Do you do it in front of people just to impress people?
5.39: Have you ever designed a completely new system with Mario games?
5.40: Do you re-read the questions on this quiz to make sure you haven't overlooked any points?
5.41: Have you ever put Mario images in an English report/essay?
5.42: Do you frequently quote Mario out loud in public? ("Let's-a go!")
5.43: ...Do you imitate Mario's voice?
5.44: ...Have you been complemented for doing it well?
5.45: ...Called crazy for doing it eerily well?
5.46: ...Do you know the name of the person who does Mario's voice?
5.47: Is your career/major/future-degree computer-related because of Mario?
5.48: ...Have you known this since you were 5 years old when you first played SMB on NES?

Scoring: How far are you from the next level?
100% purity: Maximum- You cheated. Either that or you need to get out more
36-99% purity: Obsessed- Mario is a religon to you
26-35% purity: Huge fan- Mario is your way of life
16-25% purity: Big Fan- Mario plays a large part in your life
6-15% purity: Fan- Mario has played a small to medium role in your life
0-5% purity: Dolt- You've probably heard of Mario About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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