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Puzzle Game Appearances

Yoshi: Yoshi's first title role! YAY! Anyway, this is a strange puzzle game. Groups of two enemies from various Mario games come down in little boxes. You can flip and rotate these and then place them down. Sometimes, either a bottom or top half of a Yoshi egg will come down. You can get rid of blocks (freeing space and time up) by grouping three same enemies together (I think?), or trapping enemies in a top & bottom shell half. These get you point depending on the number between them, and the Yoshi hatches out and runs off, leaving empty space. Mario and Luigi are at the bottom of the screen holding up the platforms. You can make them rotate around and the platforms that brother holds will switch places.

Yoshi's Cookie: Er, um, can't say I've played it (I'm so ashamed), but I've seen a lot about it. It looks as if Mario is a baker and is trying to handle an overflowing cookie problems. Columns of cookies of different shapes come at a constant speed. Mario uses a weird device to move these around. If Mario lines up a whole row or column of the same cookie shape, they disappear. BTW, I think Mario looks SOOO cute in a chef's hat.

Dr. Mario: The first and (in my opinion) best Mario puzzler. Mario is in the upper right corner in a doctors outfit (Which is just as cute as the chef's hat!). In the middle of the screen is a vial with viruses of either blue, red, or yellow. Mario throws pills with a combination of these colors on either half. He rotates these around and tries to put them on the viruses. 4 items of the same color in a row gets rid of them all. This can include the viruses. If you hadn't guessed getting the viruses away is the goal. The little dancing viruses are also SOOO cute.

Tetris Attack : Mario has nothing to do with this game. All this game does is have pictures of Yoshi's Island things in the background. It also has Yoshi's Island guys as the computer enemies. Lines or 5 (or 6?) blocks with different symbols on them come up from the bottom. You can switch the places of two blocks next to each other on a row. If this gets three same symbols in the same way, they disappear. Get rid of enough, and the next level comes up.

Wario's Woods: NO Mario here either. This game instead combines semi-stars Wario and Toad to try to leech some sales. Wario obviously has some woods. In these, he keeps throwing down apples and stuff (I think?) filling it up way to high and trying to capture Toad inside (oh, did I mention Toad is in the woods). Toad can pick up parts of columns of "stuff" and throw it elsewhere, a la, SMB2. If the same stuff matches together (in groups of 3? 4?) in disappears freeing up space. Toad can also climb up vertical inclines of "stuff" strangely. Sorry for lack of info. but I haven't played this much, only in store displays.

Tetris: Finally, a truly cameo appearance. Unlike most of the other Mario puzzler's, Tetris didn't feature Mario & company. It just had him in a cameo for a matter of seconds. What happened was that in the linked up (2 player) mode of the Game Boy version, one player was represented by Mario, and one by Luigi. When a game was over, the winner had his character jump up and down while the loser's guy stood their crying. The win loss count was represented by faces of the peoples characters. IN the NES version, when you beat the higher levels with a high enough score, various Nintendo characetrs appear, including Mario and Peach. That's all. A truly quintessential cameo appearance.

Wrecking Crew: A weird kind of action puzzle game from Mario's "construction worker" period. Mario is a demolition worker who needs to take down all the blocks in the level without getting hit by little guys that are walking around. The problem is, Mario can jump or punch or any of that fancy stuff like now, so his moves are limited. It's considered a puzzle game because many levels require you to destroy stuff in a certain complicated order or have to start the level over. It's action 'cuz you have to avoid the little guys. All in all a fun little game.

Hotel Mario: I know extremely little about this game, but I probably know more than most. This EXTREMELY obscure title for the ill-fated Panasonic CD-I is unexplainable. How Panasonic got Mario on their system, in a game like this too, is very strange. I have never played this, but I have seen video of it. For those who've played Bugs Bunny's secret castle (both of you =) it's looks like that. Mario is on one screen while guys are chasing him. To avoid them he goes in doors which take him to different floors of the screen. I think you have to collect stuff to get out of that screen. That's all I know. If you are one of the dozen people who's played this rarity, mail me please!

Qix: What an oddity. Technically a puzzle game, I believe this game involves you controlling a tomato like character who has to arrange boxes in a certain order. Or I could be confusing it with another game. NEWay, Mario appears as in Tetris, when you do well or get X number of points. He is in little cinema sequences a la Ms. Pac Man. Very cameo. Very Mario. Very Nintendo

Mario's Picross: This is a really weird one. I have no idea what a picross is, and this game doesn't help with the answer. This game involves chiseling pictures of various items (including some Mario faces/enemies) out of a 10x10 grid. You figure out which sections to chisel by looking at the sets of numbers on the side of the rows & columns. It takes a little getting used to, but all the puzzles are very doable if you understand a few simple concepts. Besides the pictures of Mario characters in some of the puzzles, and a big picture of Mario in an excavation outfit in the top-left corner of the game screen, this game doesn't have much to do with Mario. I guess they figured a game named "Mario's Picross" would sell better than one called "Picross Excavation Bonanza!" About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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