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Mario Products

Mario Watches- Wear Mario on your wrist in style! Shown here are two Mario timepiece originals. The one on the left came out after the release of Super Mario Bros. and come complete with an LCD game. The game has directional buttons to control Mario and rack up a high score. Hardly very deep, but reminiscent of the original Game & Watch games. And with the cute pink wristband, who could refuse? I know there's a similar watch based on SMB3 with a similar LCD game (not shown).

The second watch (right) was offered in Nintendo's Super Power Supplies catalog. It's a high quality, analog timepiece with Mario's classic peace sign in the background. I can't imagine the cheap LCD game being very desirable, but the Super Power Club watch is a great watch as well as a Mario collectible. Either way, you can now wear Mario on your wrist.

Also:Ice Capades Watch: Obviously Mario was in the ice capades at one point. Um... here's a watch to commemorate it. Yay?? -
SMW game watch: A watch with a mini-SMW game inside. With headphones... for no apparent reason. -
SMW64 watch (close-up): Part of the SM64 marketing glut, a watch with a 3D rendered Mario & items. -
SMK watch: Part of a whole line. Features a cheap LCD timepiece inside a molded plastic kart racer. -
Hologram Watch: Part of a special offer from the Nintendo Power store (100th issue I think). Show a Mario hologram if you look at it right. Pretty cool. -
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