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Mario Products

Mario Ties- When your on an important job interview, nothing is more important than that crucial "first impression". What better way to make that impression than with a stylish Mario tie. It's sure to make you stand out from all those other people with "conventional", "sane" ties. Anyway, I'm not sure if these ties are official, or who makes them, but I've seen them a few tiems around the internet so they seem mildly popular. The ties features official looking art from SMB3, Dr. Mario, and Super Mario World. The SMB3 one is the nicest in my opinion, with Racoon Mario running around in many random poses. The SMW one features a lot of falling bob-ombs (boring), and the Dr. Mario tie has the word "vitamins" running up and down it, along with standard Dr. Mario picture. Most people who are old enough to wear ties would not be caught dead in something like this, but it's great as a kids first real tie or for that adult you know who never grew up. I really wouldn't recommend wearing it to that important job interview though. Unless you're applying to work for Nintendo, of course.
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