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Mario Products

Mario Christmas Ornament- What better way to add some style to your tree this Christmas than with a Mario ornament. This clay figure portrays Mario and Yoshi in the gift-giving mood, on there way to give a present to our favorite princess. Mario has traded his traditional cap for a winter hat (still with the trademark "M"), while Yoshi is wearing a more... festive crown (he looks like the Mushroom Kingdom jester to me!). Yoshi even has a bell wrapped 'round his neck, how cute. Mario's cape and Yoshi hint at this items release around the time of SMW... although it could be much later. As for finding these, check your local Hallmark this Christmas... maybe they can get one on back-order. This item could make a nice addition to Mario and ornament collections alike, and it's high quality of craftsmanship could make it very desirable to the right buyer.
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Mario holding a christmas tree
Mario with present and candy cane
Mario writing his Christmas list
Mario jumping from the TV
Mario & a pile of presents
Mario flying (without a cape?!)
Glass Mario w/ candy cane

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