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Mario Products

Mario Movie stuff- OK, so it wasn't the greatest movie ever. But it was a merchandisers dream. Here's some of the items that were made in the Mario movie frenzy.
Promotional poster (large image): A real collectors item, this is the poster they used to promote the movie in theatres. It didn't help the movies success much though. -
Story book (large image): By golden books, a simple retellnig of the movies story. glossy pictures from the movie across from each page. -
Promo buttons: Buttons sold to promote the movie. I can't imagine they sold very well. -
Lunch Box: A red lunch box featuring the brothers in front of a menacing pair of eyes. Complete with thermos. -
Stickers: A sticker series featuring scenes from the movie. Came in seperate packs or with the book to put them in. -
Figurines: A whole line of figures was made of the actors in the movie, including Mario, Luigi, Daisy, and Bowser at least. (Mario shown) -
Japanese Story/picture book: Released only in Japan, chock full of pictures and what I assume is the retelling of the movie's story. Cool cover logo. -
Trading cards: They may not be as hot as Pokemon cards, but Mario was featured on cards by SkyBox after the Mario movie. Each has scenes from the movie on the front, and an explanation of the scene on the back. -
Holofoil cards: Speaking of Pokemon, these cards also had special holographic cards, like this Yoshi. -
Lootbag: Designed to give as gifts to party guests. I wonder how many of these were sold... -
Paint 'N' Marker Book: For painting and markering in. -
3D Poster & cassette: A cool little poster that came with 3D glasses, and a cassette version of the movie story. -
Tee-shirt: Seems to be from a team that worked on the movie. Notice how "The Goombas and Yoshi" are listed on the cast. -
Promotional Button: Given out to promote the movie. They don't seem to have done a very well -
"From Microchips to Moviestars": A "behind the scenes" book about the making of the movie. -
"Limited Edition" Soundtrack: Bundled with the "No Mercy" soundtrack as a tribute to Alan Silvestri. -
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