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Mario Products

Mario Game Keychain: When I first saw this, I had quite a time deciding whether to put it on the game list or the products page. I eventually decided to put it here, as putting a game this simple on the same page as classics like Super Mario Bros. 3 seemed a crime. Anyway, this was part of a series of game keychains Nintendo released in the mid-late 90's, all based off classic Game & Watch games. Versions of Donkey Kong, Fire, and Helmet were also released in the same product run (I believe... don't quote me). The gameplay on this keychain is similar to the SMB Game & Watch, which has Mario manuevering through an automatically scrolling world of platforms. The game features four directional buttons (in the style of an NES or SNES controller... a slight difference from the Game & Watch's circular buttons), a jump button, and two buttons to set the time and alarm. Of course, there's also a keychain attached to this Game Boy shaped device. I doubt the game will keep anyone but very young children amused for more than 15 minutes, but it could provide a fun distraction when you're caught waiting somewhere and you left your Game Boy Advance at home. Collectibility is probably limited; the actual game & watch game would fetch you a lot more. If you see one cheap, it's not a bad purchase. After all, only by owning one of these can you say "I own the smallest Mario game in existance!"
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