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Mario Products

Mario Hat - I wore one of these for halloween when I was seven because I was unable to find a real Mario hat (An all red one with an 'M' on a white semi-circle in the front). I doubt Mario would really wear a hat like this, but I took what I could get. Anyway, this was another in the popular line of "products that help kids advertise Nintendo to their friends without the kids knowledge." All the Mario clothing was part of this line, as well as a lot of other products. The oft-used jumping-Mario-with-a-mushroom (tm) is shown punching out a koopa paratroopa, with other enemies randomly showing up on the top of the hat. I've always wondered why Mario was shown punching out enemies on products long before he was able to do it in games in SMW. Anyway, I know there was another SMB-era hat with Mario punching through a brick and I'm sure there were hats for SMB3, SMW and SM64 as well. I'll try to find pictures. As a collectible, this is pretty cheap, made of low quality material and not that nice looking. Not a bad gift for your younger brother, though (Unless your younger brother doesn't like Mario. Or you don't have a younger brother. Or you... you know what, forget I said anything).
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