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Mario Products

Super Mario Phone Cards- Collectible phone cards have become a quite popular niche collectible market over the past few years. These two cards are part of that trend. Both ofthese cards were released only in Japan. The first one sports the original SMB logo and artwork, but hasa copyright of 1996. Perhaps this was part of a 10th anniversary celebration ofthe plumber. The second one was obviously produced as a promotion forthe release of Super Mario World for the Super Famicom. I believe Kellog's had a similar promotion for Mario phone cards here in the states at one time. Collectors may pay quite a bit for these cards, even after they're used, so be sure to keep them in your wallets.
Also:SMB Phone Card- A well drawn, colorful rendition
Princess Phonecard- Mario serenades his one true love
Super Wanpaku World- Mario with some anime character named Wanpako.
Princess #2- The princess w/ a jumping Mario
Super Mario Kart- The classic box art picture with a red border
Super Mario Kart #2- Individual character pictures surround the SMK logo on this card.

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