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Mario Products

Mario Cups- Mario has been on an amazing number of cups over the years. To the left is probobably Mario first cup, a mug with the Super Mario Bros. logo and a stylized SMB level in the background. Another mug features Mario in his classic peace sign pose ordering two teas (I believe this was an English mug), and a third mug also features the SMB logo.

For SMB2's release, a limited edition tall glass mug was made.

There were also some plastic pencil holding cups from the SMB era ( ) and a line of paper dixie cups for the bathroom ( ), not to mention the set of four SMW glasses ( ).

But perhaps the weirdest of all is this Mario "Puppet Kooler" with plastic arms, face and hat and fabric legs. If you had all of these, you're lips would never be far from Mario (wait... that sounds wrong).

Also: SMW mug: Complete with eery red Ludwig eyes -
French SMW glass: Featuring Mario flying in a plane. Thsoe wacky French! (My apologies to any French people reading this... but you are wacky =P) -
Pepsi water bottle: "Pepsi brings you the power of Super Nintendo". This was a big promotional tie-in... yet it never led to a new line of Mario restaurant toys. - [an error occurred while processing this directive] [an error occurred while processing this directive]